PPC Management (AdWords, Yahoo)

We are a Google Partner having Adwords Certified Professional

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PPC Management (AdWords, Yahoo)

  • Benifits


    • Showcase your product/service to your targeted audience in targeted country within a week.
    • Get first page position for your desired product/service quickly.
    • Calculate ROI (Return on investment) within a month and decide next course of action quickly.

  • Strategy


  • First Phase –Keyword Research

    Find relevant keywords user used to search in targeted region.

    Second Phase –On Page Optimization and Data Gathering

    • Create dedicated page as per grouped keywords (so, that users get info. they are looking for)
    • Optimize page with title, Metas, Header, Content, Click to action button etc… to get high quality score for keywords
    • Set Goals like Pages/visit, Avg. time on site, User who contacted us, download brochure etc… via Google Analytic

    Third Phase-Design Campaign

    • Create Campaign as per targeted region, language and age group
    • Ads extension in terms of important pages link, call extension, location extension, Google plus page link

    Fourth Phase –Ongoing Optimization

    • Analyze this data every 10 days and promote keywords which drive desired result and remove which don’t.
    • Also optimize page as per user’s interaction with website from analytic data.
    • Promote ads which user click more often and remove which don’t

  • Expected Result


    • After completion of Phase I & II on page website will be well optimized for SEO + conversion.
    • After completion of phase III we will have campaign ready.
    • Visits -More potential visits through channels like Google/Bing PPC.
    • Coversions-More leads/revenue from the website with our conversion optimization process.
    • ROI-Increase return on investment by focusing on higher return area.

Pricing Our Pricing (First Month)

  • $ 650*/month

  • Site on page Optimization + PPC Campaign setup

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  • After first month (Second month onwards-Maintenance Cost)

    $300 per month or 10% of budget whichever is higher.

    *=You need not to pay site on page optimization if you take SEO service as well. In this case you need to pay $400 only.

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    Comparison with other providers

    Features Basic Package Competitors
    Number of pages 10 10
    100% Customized Layout
    Search engine friendly design
    Inquiry / Contact ? Form to email system
    Custom Graphics
    Cost for additional page $ 15 $ 50 - $ 70
    Phone Support
    Responsive Website
    Cost $ 299 $ 650


    Content management System -CMS Joomla $ 200
    Wordpress $ 175
    Drupal $ 225
    Banner / Header Flash   $ 75
    Extra Form page Send data to email $ 25
    Dynamic Photo Gallery Admin panel to Manage $ 100
    Multi Language Each Additional language ( 10 Page ) $ 125
    Newsletter Management Hosted Soln 500 mails 4 per month
    Integration cost FREE
    Additional Stock Photography Images 2 Credit Photo 4 Images