Landing page optimization

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  • Benifits


    • Optimized landing pages convert 50% higher on average than regular web pages.
    • Relevant landing page helps website in higher search engine ranking, ads rank, and conversions.
    • More ROI (Return on investment) is extracted from existing marketing efforts.
    • We will optimize landing page on the basis of fact and not belief with the tool like A/B split testing to increase chances of profit from the website.

  • Strategy


    • We will do keyword research, optimize metas, content, headline and other on page SEO to helps you in ranking improvement.
    • Review & Analyze your target market with key performance index like visits, lead conversion, bounce rate, abandoned rate etc.. to know your profits are escaping through the gap... and plug them up!
    • We'll be craft a clear & compelling value proposition for your audience by making changes in headline, hero image, proof/credibility points, form or call to action, social proof and third-party endorsement.
    • After we both agree on the changes start work as agreed. Our trackable optimization techniques will have your site's conversion rates and profits soaring to new heights.

  • Expected Result


    • What you can expect within 3-4 months

    • 15 - 50% increment in leads/ecommerce conversion rate compare to previous month(s)..
    • 15-25% ranking improvement for the targeted keywords.

    • Note: -Ranking improvement may varies from case to case. Above improvement is not guaranteed. But it is based on our past experience.

  • SEO


    • Things we will take care,

    • Analyze user behaviour and recommendations on headline, image, proof/credibility points, form or call to action, social proof and third-party endorsement.
    • We will provide FREE consultation throughout the project.

You have to pay extra for any design/development related changes

  • $ 450/month

  • Minimum 4 months required for service website

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    • $ 550/month

    • Minimum 4 months required for service website

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    Comparison with other providers

    Features Basic Package Competitors
    Number of pages 10 10
    100% Customized Layout
    Search engine friendly design
    Inquiry / Contact ? Form to email system
    Custom Graphics
    Cost for additional page $ 15 $ 50 - $ 70
    Phone Support
    Responsive Website
    Cost $ 299 $ 650


    Content management System -CMS Joomla $ 200
    Wordpress $ 175
    Drupal $ 225
    Banner / Header Flash   $ 75
    Extra Form page Send data to email $ 25
    Dynamic Photo Gallery Admin panel to Manage $ 100
    Multi Language Each Additional language ( 10 Page ) $ 125
    Newsletter Management Hosted Soln 500 mails 4 per month
    Integration cost FREE
    Additional Stock Photography Images 2 Credit Photo 4 Images